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About the FCTC team of trainers

Female trainers lead the way

Karyn Smith became a certified personal trainer in 2010 after being inspired by her own trainer to persue her passion of fitness.  10 years later, she and her husband Jason Smith opened First City Training in 2020 to establish an easily accesible location for all Leavenworth people to find the best personal training suited to fit their needs.  In a quieter environment with less distractions from the traditional gym, clients found they could learn more, train harder, and were reaching their goals. Nicole was added to the team summer 2022.


Gaining strength

We all have a common priority: Clients come first!

It is important that each client receives equal yet individual training no matter who is training you.  We know you are unique, so with our unique staff we strive to always keep pushing you while offering similar training methods.

All sessions will be FITT!

1. F- frequency: we need to see you often to help you meet your timeline of goals.

2. I- Intensity: Keeping your level of health and fitness in mind, we constantly try to keep pushing you harder.

3. T- Type: Not all clients like burpees and box jumps. We know this. There are many different types of strength training and cardio conditioning methods we implement for you each session.

4. T- Time: How long you train is important.  Knowing how long to keep your heart rate elevated is our job as trainers.  Also, your time is valuable.  We promise to honor your appointments and keep you on track every time you workout.

Meet The Team

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